…prayer without ceasing

Our Story

10481754_1448843858734959_3095646185867473240_nIt was in 2003, through a blog that I was writing at the time that I was contacted by a young, then 16 year-old, girl from Texas named Jana. As Jana began to share her story with me, her story that was filled with abuse, addiction, and other types of pain, I began to hurt for her. She went on to tell me how she coped with these issues, which was mostly through her eating disorder and her constant cutting, one form of self-injury. God did not immediately begin to speak an understanding for that struggle, nor did he place an immediate passion inside of me. I was, however, hurting for Jana specifically, but I was not quite educated to the point of knowing how common this was in the lives of people.

As that first year went by, I continued to talk to Jana as she shared more and more of her story. During that same time period, other young and old individuals started coming out of hiding and sharing these same struggles with me. God knew what He was doing by showing me their struggle, while revealing His truth. He was opening my eyes to something that was breaking His heart. Too often these individuals were being over looked by friends and family, or were tagged with labels, such as “freaks”, “emo”, “whores”, “sluts”, etc. I slowly began to see that the more they were labeled with these false names, the more they believed that’s exactly who they were. This was not God’s truth, this was Satan’s lies.

Since meeting Jana and the others with these struggles that God continues to bring into my life, I have found a lot of organizations that reach out to those who are battling this fight, such as; TWLOHA(To Write Love On Her Arms) and Mercy Ministries. While TWLOHA and Mercy are organizations that are passionate for the awareness of these issues and the desire to keep the conversation going in order to help give counsel and healing, it seemed to me that something else was needed. I believed at the time, and still do, that there is an outcry and a need that is focused solely on interceding on behalf of the people who are in bondage to and held hostage by these pains and sufferings. That is where Interpression was born. The name is simple; ‘Inter’ refers to the intercession that is needed, while ‘pression’ connects that intercession for those who are struggling in a battle with depression or other issues. We are committed to the gift of intercession through the power of Christ for depression, self-injury, eating disorders, or other types of harm against one’s body, in hopes of seeing a global healing in the lives of these individuals.